ANTISTATIC was founded by Kelly and Anna Pendergrast, siblings who live on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Experienced writers, analysts and media producers, Kelly and Anna believe that good communication can make a big difference.


Anna Pendergrast

Anna is a Wellington-based analyst and writer. Before co-founding ANTISTATIC, she worked as a policy and strategy advisor for the New Zealand public service.

Anna likes to figure out how things work and identify ways to make them even better. She has a knack for synthesising complex information and presenting the most important parts in an easy-to-understand way. She has a particular interest in information and data, and the role it plays in our increasingly digital world.

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Kelly Pendergrast

Kelly is a media artist and strategist based in San Francisco. Kelly has worked with nonprofits, social enterprises, and arts organizations to build communication strategy and produce video, web content, and the occasional international conference. 

With a background in media analysis and youth media training, Kelly has a keen eye for the structural elements that shape our visual and digital lives. 

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