We write (usually together but sometimes separately) essays and articles that appear online, in magazines, at conferences, and on our own blog.


Untitled Presentation A collaborative online slide deck where we collect thoughts and ideas that need more than a tweet but less than a blog. Anyone is welcome to view and comment. (Google Slides, ongoing, coauthored).

The Augmented Workforce What can exosuits teach us about building a human-centric future for New Zealand? (Idealog magazine, December 2018, coauthored).

Why is Wikipedia biased against women? And can it be changed? (The Spinoff, September 2018, coauthored).

Speculative Circularity: Artists as Material Innovators (Unmaking Waste conference presentation September 2018 — publication forthcoming, Kelly Pendergrast with Maura Dilley).

Cave of Forgotten Memes Don’t you hate it when you come up with the perfect hot take when it’s just too damn late? (ANTISTATIC blog, September 2018, Kelly Pendergrast).

Visible Invisible Man On Mark Zuckerberg, atemporality and visual boredom (The California Review of Images and Mark Zuckerberg, August 2018, coauthored).

What Google’s AI Principles don’t tell us (ANTISTATIC blog, July 2018, Anna Pendergrast).

Political Mongrels (ANTISTATIC blog, September 2017, Kelly Pendergrast).

💩 is the new black (ANTISTATIC blog, November 2016, Anna Pendergrast).

XY Combinator (ANTISTATIC blog, November 2016, Kelly Pendergrast).