ANTISTATIC works with clients across the board, but we focus on a few key areas that have big impacts on the way we live today: 


From climate change to declining biodiversity to polluted oceans and freshwater, we’re facing a series of interlinking ecological crises that require urgent action. Environmental scientists, policymakers, and activists don’t always have the resources they need to translate their complex work for non-experts. We help the experts translate their ideas so different audiences can understand the issues, why they are important, and what can be done to help.


We’re living in an era of unprecedented technological advancement, where complex information systems and AI are driving the way public and private organisations* deliver services, make recommendations to customers, and target interventions. Many of these processes are opaque and invisible to the communities they affect. We examine the ways that digital processes affect our lives, and help people working with technology to explain their work.

Social Impact

In an era of relative prosperity in both the US and New Zealand, plenty of communities still face oppression, poverty, and discrimination. Groups and individuals who are working to create positive social transformation are often up against cultural narratives that support the status quo and make change difficult. We work with non-profits, innovators, artists, and activists to frame and amplify new narratives, and represent diverse voices.


*we operate in both New Zealand English and American English, so depending on the client or the context you'll find us using either S or Z in words like this.